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SelfNet, Inc. is a privately owned company. Unlike most, we concentrate our efforts on creating a professional, "strictly business" environment for our customers rather than volume selling. The emphasis is made on creating long-term partnership with our clients by providing their businesses with secure, reliable and affordable web hosting services and superior customer support. While much of the competition is merely reselling bulk storage space on someone else's servers, we house our own servers on high speed lines. When you contact SelfNet, you talk to the people that install and maintain these servers instead of a go-between.

SelfNet started in early 1997 as a business experiment by a small group of Internet professionals and, after the first few months of operation, its success had become clear. We made substantial investments and efforts to provide SelfNet with competitive technological advantages and manpower to gain its market share. The combination of fast T3 network connections, mission-critical server hardware and advanced software platforms, and excellent customer support paived the way to today's successful business venture. In November of 1998 SELFNET, INC. was incorporated and registered in the state of Ohio.

We value the quality of our service over its volume. Many of our competitors advertise lower prices for what appears to be the same type of service - do they offer a BETTER DEAL?  Not likely.  Let's assume that all of them are in business for the same reason - to make money.  How do they configure and price their web hosting accounts in order to stay profitable?  We can make some assumptions and calculations, and try to answer that question:

Cost of Ownership and Operation Costs for a single Server Box
Monthly server hardware and software licenses costs, calculated as ~$10,000 initial cost depreciated over a 3-year period ~$277.00
Monthly operational and maintenance costs, customer support, labor, etc. per server box ~$650.00
Monthly Internet access and bandwidth usage costs per server box ~$500.00



Therefore, just to cover the costs of running a single server box, an ISP charging $5/month for each account must run at least 285 (!) web sites on that server just to 'break even'. Assuming they want to make profit this number can get even higher. 

What does this mean for you? Chances are this many web sites will generate enough traffic to consume most of the available CPU time and - which is worse - most of the network's bandwidth to slow down the whole server. Based on our research of server loads and traffic statistics, we GUARANTEE that the maximum number of web sites on a single server will never exceed 100-128, delivering full computing power of our servers and network bandwidth to SelfNet customers. Of course, we are only considering those companies that conduct legitimate business and will not disappear within a few months leaving both your web site and domain name 'hanging in the air'.

BOTTOM LINE:  good web service isn't cheap, cheap services aren't good...

Regardless of all the long feature lists advertised by webhosts, the most important factors to consider when looking for Internet presence for your business are Internet connection speeds, security, reliability of web, DNS (Domain Name Service), E-mail services and customer support. While some companies may offer lower pricing, unfortunately you may get exactly what you pay for.
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